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"Witness to a Devouring Monster"

Anthology Film | Created by & starring Lei Nico

January 2021, NYC **

The story of 3 women, inspired by the writings of French-Cuban Writer Anais Nin who said, “Introspection is a devouring monster.” In these pieces, there are monsters of many forms: assault, colonization, injustice, and of course, the one that consumes these women entirely, introspection. They speak of a reality that many have lived, yet often keep to themselves. In this anthology film, they permit passage into the most intimate corners of their worlds. And with such eloquent audacity.

Created by & starring Lei Nico

Photo by Meghan Farrell Photography

"It'll Pass"
Radio Play | Human Pincushion Productions
April 2021, NYC 

A woman is plagued by the haunting memories of two deep, personal tragedies as she struggles to get over them. Will they let her move on?

Watch here:

Written by & starring Jazmine Cornielle

"But Did You Have Fun, Though?"
Music Video | Jack Mogi
April 2021, NYC 

Watch here:

Music by Jack Mogi

Starring Alexandra Jenkins

Cover Art by Anna Koehler


Music Video | Emanuelle Kami

Summer 2021, NYC **

In pre-production.